Help the Environment

Every person can make a difference, You can make an effort to reduce our environmental impact through practices such as;

  • Recycling
  • Conserving Water
  • Conserving Energy
  • Disposing of Waste properly
  • Reusing
  • Reducing our consumption of non-renewable resources

Finding the right substitutions to replace the harmful chemical cleaners that are in most homes and businesses only takes a small amount of effort. Please let us know ways in which you are making a positive difference by sending your green cleaning methods to our email.

Reduce Your Environmental Foot Print

Pollution from harmful chemical cleaning products and the plastics they come in have a negative impact on the environment. Run off carrying the residues and remnants of cleaners are entering the water-table and eventually entering our drinking water systems.

We offer custom cleaning services that cater to your cleaning needs with an environmental focus ensuring a safe and healthy home.

How We Reduce Your Environmental Foot Print

  • You can be sure that we are using earth safe products
  • We reduce the amount of waste entering the garbage through recycling and proper waste disposal
  • We reduce the amount of toxic products you have in your immediate and surrounding environment
  • By using eco safe solutions to tackle your cleaning challenges, harmful chemicals contained in common cleaners are not left behind
  • We eliminate harmful chemicals entering your soil and eventually the water table by using Biodegradable earth safe products
  • We remix and reuse the same bottles limiting the amount of waste plastics entering the environment

One of the easiest ways to reduce our impact on the Environment is through pollution prevention, which can result in significant savings and usually involves reducing consumption and waste production of all kinds. Pollution prevention can include reducing, recovering, recycling & reusing materials and disposing of harmful waste properly to ensure it does not enter the environment.

Join The Blitz

At Enviro Blitz we believe in setting and surpassing industry standards. We clean using the safest methods available to ensure a quality result, further we use top of the line equipment to remove contaminants and dirt from places where bacteria live and breed.

Due to societies view on environmental issues governments have left change up to the individual. As a society we must join together to ensure that strict environmental practices are followed in order to preserve the world we enjoy today for tomorrow.

We can make a positive difference in our surroundings by paying attention to the small details. All the small details add to the big picture.